The Sunninghill Striders Story

The Sunninghill Striders Running Club (SSRC) was an idea conceived by its Founder, Robin Hide, back in 2004. Robin's running career had come to a rather abrupt end due to injury whilst he was still a member of The Edenvale Rand Road Warriors, his then home town club, almost 15-years previously.

It was in September 2003, whilst sitting in a waiting room reading a copy of Runners World that he decided to start running once again. Being somewhat older & hopefully wiser, Robin began training again, albeit slowly in order to avoid any re-occurrence of past injuries. The only problem was training alone which seemed to make his return to running even more difficult. It was during the winter of 2004, that the idea of a club was conceived. Whilst out training, he noticed that there were a number of both runners & walkers on the roads of Sunninghill and so why not unite them as a community based club.

The opportunity and timing seemed perfect, it was July and The Comrades Marathon had just been run the month before, resulting in Comrades fever and spirit being very much alive. With that very spirit, The Sunninghill Striders Running Club had just been born.The next step was to start recruiting those local runners & walkers and so Robin placed an advert in the local Sunninghill Community Newsletter, sadly with very poor results. Perhaps Comrades fever was not as real as what Robin had thought or perhaps winter was simply the stronger force. A warm toasty bed compared to icy winter mornings on the road - no contest. Robin however, continued his quest to get the club going, believing firmly that it could and would be a success.

In February 2005 he registered the club with Central Gauteng Athletics and at the same time, a club news letter, then known as "The Striding Times" was launched. The news letter was emailed to the then small group of runners in the hope that word of the Sunninghill Striders would spread.

In May 2005, the Sunninghill Gardens Homeowners Association approached Robin and his fledgling club to host a fun run at their annual carnival day held in Sunninghill. Naturally he jumped at the idea and approached leading running shoe distributor, Asics, for help. The event was a great success with a number of local runners & walkers subscribing to the idea of their own community based club. A database for the club was established and the future of the SSRC looked very good.

With the setbacks experienced, the hopes and dreams of a club were barely alive however Robin had decided on one final push to get The Sunninghill Striders off the ground. That final push was seemingly all that it took and the dream suddenly turned into a reality. The appeal for help in setting up a committee was met favourably and before long the Sunninghill Striders Running Club was finally on the map of Road Running. A Time Trial route was set out and the first time trial was held, with great success, on September 27th. The St Stephens Anglican Church in Sunninghill then offered their facilities as a club base which was gladly accepted. The club colours had been decided, sponsorships were being negotiated and it was all systems go.