Tuesday 4km & 8km Time Trial

The Sunninghill Striders Time Trial is held every Tuesday in both summer and winter from our clubhouse at the St Stephens Angican Church, 67 Nanyuki Road, Cnr Van der Bijl, Sunninghill.
  • Starts at 18h00
  • Safe and secure parking is available
  • Change room facilities are available
  • Water and complimentary juice after your run
  • We have refreshents for sale (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and you are invited to join us for a drink after your run. All proceeds from the sale of these refreshments go to the Club
  • Everybody welcome (members and non-members)
  • Regrettably no dogs allowed



We begin with a short briefing afterwhich you are set off on your run. Below is a route map, route profile and brief description of the Time Trial Course which caters for all levels of runner. It is a great route to test yourself against over the course of the season and is always very well attended by members and non-members alike. 

Distance: 4km or 8km (see map below)

The Course

From the start, you make your way up the "Side-Winder", turning left at the top of the hill into Lingerette Avenue and then immediately left again into Dukana Street, our "Breathe Easy". This is the start of a long downhill charge but be warned, there is more climbing to come, so conserve your energy! 

From "Breathe Easy" and only on lap 1, you make your way down to "Tana Crossing" where the only real traffic occurs along the route, so take care when crossing Tana Road.

After "Tana Crossing" you find yourself turning left into Nakuru Road and then first left again into Choba Road, leading you directly into and down the "Mine Shaft".

Once you have reached the bottom of the "Mine Shaft" you will do a short loop around the cul-de-sac and turn left into "Devil's Cauldron". From "Devil's Cauldron" you make your way left into the very short Embu Street and then follow the road round back into Lingerette. It is here that you will encounter "Slow Poison" and it helps to keep your breathing steady and count the 6 speed bumps all the way to the top of the hill.

Relief finally awaits you at the top of "Slow Poison". You turn right into Dukana Road again and back into "Breathe Easy" for the second time.

On the 2nd Lap of "Breathe Easy" you will turn left into Mirwani Avenue, follow the road around and then a sharp right into Kitale, down the hill and left into Kisumu for the last straight to the finish line.

Decision time...stop here and grab a beer or push through and start again by tackling the "Side-Winder" for lap 2.

You win either way!